Central Server

SONO 50 Central Server/Co-Location. Your IT geek’s vision of heaven.

SONO 50 is equipped with three different high-speed, multi-gigabit fiber providers:

  • Frontier
  • Altice Business
  • Lightower

Each capable of pumping out a full range of IP services such as Internet, SIP, MPLS, SD-WAN with variable bandwidths and features. Plus, each provider is capable of providing ‘last mile’ services for other service providers such as Cogent Communications, Windstream and others. To sweeten the set-up, all copper facilities are provided by Optimum and Frontier. And yes, POTS, T1 and VoIP services can be obtained on an individual basis, so can cable services such as TV.

Central Server

SONO 50 is one of a handful Class A Office building which owns, operates, manages and provides state of the art Central Server room for our tenant use.

Located on the 7th floor, our Central Server Room is approximately 900 sf equipped with:

  • Rack space for tenant servers
  • 2 air-conditioning systems specifically designed for computer rooms (backed up by 2 additional units to assure proper temperature at all times)
  • A 150 KW gas generator to assure constant operation
  • Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for security and temperature control


Central Server Use Starts at $100/m

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