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in Norwalk, CT.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your next event or party, our Rooftop, Hip Lounge  and Gaming Room is ideal. With its stunning city views, comfortable seating and range of amenities, it’s the perfect atmosphere for any celebration.

Rooftop Lounge

Hip Lounge

Gaming Room

The most Amazing view

SONO50’s Rooftop Lounge provides an immediate “wow” factor with its 360° panoramic views of the Long Island Sound, providing the best view in all of Norwalk from the tallest rooftop space in the city.

Our Rooftop Lounge

 is the perfect place for business events and private parties alike, offering a variety of amenities to make sure your event is remembered for years to come. This beautiful open-air space offers stunning views of the city skyline, ensuring that your event will have an unforgettable setting in SONO Norwalk, CT.

HIP Lounge and Gaming room for events

Bring the fun to your next event

Get ready to break out your favorite games and host the coolest gatherings with our hip lounge–over 2,500 square feet of carefully designed entertainment space. Complete with comfortable furniture, a bar area, ping pong table, billiard table, and a full-fledged gaming room for all your favorite video games