Modern Workspaces Elevated

In the heart of Norwalk’s South Norwalk neighborhood, Sono50 stands as
a modern workspace tailored to today’s professionals. While the
building offers a range of features for its varied tenant base, the
standout amenity is undeniably its rooftop work and event space.

A Refreshing Perspective on Workspaces

‌While many think of workspaces as traditional rooms filled with desks
and computers, Sono50 offers something different. Among its many
amenities, our rooftop is a multi-purpose highlight. Positioned above
the hustle and bustle of the city streets below, it provides a fresh,
open-air atmosphere that serves in direct contrast to a typical office

Where Comfort Meets View

‌Inside Sono50, you’ll find spaces designed for efficiency and
function, several of which are on the upper floors and also capitalize
on the stunning views. The rooftop adds another layer to the
experience, offering panoramic views of downtown and the Long Island
Sound. It’s the ideal space to clear your mind during a busy workday.

A Break Above the Rest

‌Beyond a view that never gets old, the rooftop has features that
enhance the working experience. Whether it’s taking a moment to enjoy
the fresh air, grabbing a coffee from our café to enjoy al fresco, or
unwinding in the various seating areas, the rooftop ensures work stays
in balance with moments of relaxation.

Hear From Our Community

‌Sarah, a regular at Sono50, shares, “The building has everything I
need, but the rooftop is special. The city energizes me, and the
outdoors helps with clarity of thought when I need it most.”

Michael, a local entrepreneur, notes, “I’ve had many meetings in
Sono50, and the rooftop has hosted some of the most memorable ones.
The atmosphere just relaxes attendees and creates a space to more
openly collaborate. It’s a unique environment that is a memorable and
instant hit with all of our clients and partners alike.”

Building More Than Just Work

‌Sono50 is about creating a community. While work is essential,
connecting with others is equally crucial and something many long for
in the wake of a challenging recent few years. Regular events are
organized throughout the building, and as often as possible, the
rooftop serves as a special backdrop for these gatherings.


‌Sono50 represents a modern approach to workspaces, with its rooftop
being a key highlight. The building is more than just an office; it’s
a space for innovation, connection, and growth. If you’re curious
about what modern work feels like, come and experience Sono50.

Maximize Productivity with Sono50’s In-Building Gym

Time is of the essence, especially in the entrepreneurial and
corporate worlds. Sono50 understands this, which is why we offer a
premium gym facility right within our building.

No Commute Required: No more wasting precious minutes commuting to a gym. When you join, we simply re-program your building access card so
you can access the fitness center at a time that’s most convenient for
you. At Sono50, your workout is just an elevator ride away. Save time
and focus on what matters.

Oversized Showers: After an intense workout, refresh yourself in our
spacious showers. We’ve prioritized comfort and luxury fit and finish
in our design.‌

Pristine Locker Rooms: We take pride in maintaining a high standard of
cleanliness in our locker room facilities. A stringent daily cleaning
regimen by our on-site team ensures peace of mind. Store your
belongings securely in our full-size lockers and everything just as
you left it.

Smooth Transitions: Have a meeting at 2 PM and a workout session at 3
PM? No problem. Seamlessly transition from your conference room to the
treadmill, all while staying connected. Our gym offers strong Wi-Fi,
ensuring you can stream your favorite music or even catch a webinar

All Under One Roof: With Sono50, there’s no back and forth. Work out,
freshen up, and return to your desk upstairs, all in record time.

‌In essence, Sono50’s in-building fitness center is more than just a
convenience; it’s an extension of your workspace. We’re redefining
productivity, ensuring you can balance health and work with
unparalleled efficiency. Experience the future of work and wellness at