Maximize Productivity with Sono50’s In-Building Gym

Time is of the essence, especially in the entrepreneurial and
corporate worlds. Sono50 understands this, which is why we offer a
premium gym facility right within our building.

No Commute Required: No more wasting precious minutes commuting to a gym. When you join, we simply re-program your building access card so
you can access the fitness center at a time that’s most convenient for
you. At Sono50, your workout is just an elevator ride away. Save time
and focus on what matters.

Oversized Showers: After an intense workout, refresh yourself in our
spacious showers. We’ve prioritized comfort and luxury fit and finish
in our design.‌

Pristine Locker Rooms: We take pride in maintaining a high standard of
cleanliness in our locker room facilities. A stringent daily cleaning
regimen by our on-site team ensures peace of mind. Store your
belongings securely in our full-size lockers and everything just as
you left it.

Smooth Transitions: Have a meeting at 2 PM and a workout session at 3
PM? No problem. Seamlessly transition from your conference room to the
treadmill, all while staying connected. Our gym offers strong Wi-Fi,
ensuring you can stream your favorite music or even catch a webinar

All Under One Roof: With Sono50, there’s no back and forth. Work out,
freshen up, and return to your desk upstairs, all in record time.

‌In essence, Sono50’s in-building fitness center is more than just a
convenience; it’s an extension of your workspace. We’re redefining
productivity, ensuring you can balance health and work with
unparalleled efficiency. Experience the future of work and wellness at